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Welcome to Africa's leading film production company

Incorporated in Kenya 2013 and headquartered in Nairobi (Kenya), Zamaradi is a media enterprise dedicated to becoming a leader in generation of high quality creative Content across Africa, and multi-platform distribution of the same to global audiences.

In the last 3 years, the Company has produced 71 films and 9 TV shows through a business model that is emphatic on innovating around content through unique value-add partnerships that enhance potential for significant returns. Our strength lays in our experienced, multi-skilled and innovative core team, whose diverse creative and business skill sets complement each other.

Our overriding goal at Zamaradi is to fuse the artistic creative aspect with business tenacity to build East Africa’s most successful content generation enterprise, creating employment and talent-based entrepreneurial opportunities on a fulltime basis through telling authentic African stories.

Appie Matere

Executive Producer

Appie Matere is a producer with invaluable experience in filmmaking, having worked her way to the top in different roles and departments over a period of 13 years. She has been part of numerous TV series, Documentaries and commercials, rising from being a Production Assistant initially, to an Executive Producer presently... In 2009, she Produced Killer Necklace, a short film that won Best short film and best Director awards (Kalasha Awards, 2009). She produced a feature Documentary Headlines in History which also won the Best Feature documentary (Kalasha Awards, 2010). Appie is the Executive Producer behind “KONA”, a 260-episode Telenovela that was aired for audiences across Africa on Africa Magic Entertainment, as well as the 71 Africa Magic Original Films X 60 minutes [2013/14] airing on Africa Magic Entertainment. She is the executive producer for all the independently produced TV shows BY Zamaradi Productions Limited."

George Mungai

Production Designer

George Mungai is an experienced and versatile Kenyan Production designer with 25 years experience in the entertainment industry. He has been an actor, artist, band Musical director at Phoenix Theatre for 15 years, where has directed and produced numerous plays, including original musicals [which he scored]. He is also an avid musician, and plays drums, percussion and keyboard. He is instrumental in the nurturing of young talent and training in performance art over the years and has worked with notable artistes such as Lupita Nyong’o, under whose tutorage she got her first professional stage experience at Phoenix in 1998. In film, he was the production Designer for “All Girls Together” [Metro TV, 1997], “Project Daddy” [Baraka Films, 2004] and Life Force [Hong Kong, 2004]. He was Production Designer/Dialogue Coach/ Box Producer for M-Net Telenovela- KONA [2012/13] and also designed for 71 one-hour films commissioned by M-Net [2013/14]. He is the Supervising Producer for all the independently produced TV shows BY Zamaradi Productions Limited.

Victor Gatonye

Creative Producer

Victor Gatonye holds a B-com degree in marketing and began as marketing manager in 2006. He explored his passion in TV and arts at MEDIAE Company, where he was trained during production of an educational TV drama for East Africa –“Makutano Junction”. By season 7 he was a co-director and carried on from season 9 to 12 as the Head of Directors. As the resident TV director, he also worked on other jobs such as “Know zone show “(Citizen TV), “Shamba shape up” (Citizen TV) and “school shape up” (Citizen TV). In 2011, he became a freelance TV director/ Actor, working on “The Team”, “Patricia Show” and “Changes” season three action drama series for M-Net East Africa. He was Head of Directors and a Director on MNET Telenovela “KONA” and was part of the directors for the Africa Magic Original Film project in 2013 and 2014, where 71 one hour films were produced. He is the Creative Producer for all the independently produced TV shows BY Zamaradi Productions Limited.

Gibson Mithaa

Head of Finance

Gibson Mithaa is the head of finance and a chief strategy. He has over 13 years experience in motion picture industry in Kenya, having served as a production accountant in numerous production projects such as Changes Seasons 1 to 3 and Africa Magic Original Film project in 2013 and 2014. His professional qualifications include an MBA degree from University of Nairobi, a Bachelors of Commerce degree in Finance and A professional qualification as Certified Public Accountant (CPA–K). At Zamaradi Productions, he is tasked with oversight for all matters that relate to project budgets and cash flow forecasts, managing expenditure, tax planning and preparation of managerial accounting reports. Additionally, his wealth of knowledge in administration and strategy matters makes him integral to the planning, directing, organizing and controlling strategy related decisions and actions of the business.

Caroline Wangui


Caroline Wangui Mbaturia started her career in film 2012 on a TV series “Changes” Season three as a Production Assistant. She has worked as a production assistant/ accounts Assistant for “KONA”, which was a 260 episode Telenovela aired to audiences across Africa on Africa Magic Entertainment. She is also well versed with running in and around reality shows, having worked as a production assistant on ‘Tusker project fame’, as well as a Visa Assistant on ‘Tusker Twende Kazi’. With 4 years of experience in the production, her debut as a producer was on a documentary “Eusteslat” (2014), produced by Zamaradi Productions. Additionally, she has overseen the production of “Sunrise”, “Trade Centre” and “Fihi” TV Shows [2014/15]." >See More

Louise Kamwangi


Louise Kamwangi has over 7 years experience in production and is a producer at Zamaradi Productions. She started her career in film as a set runner for a commercial upon completion of a Diploma in Film/ TV Production in 2008. From there she worked her way up the ranks becoming Production Assistant in “Changes” season 1, a Production Coordinator in “Changes” Seasons 2 and 3 and “Tusker Project Fame” season 5 and the production manager in KONA, a 260-episode Telenovela that aired on Africa Magic Entertainment and 15 sixty minute Africa Magic Original Films. Additionally, she has worked on other numerous TV commercials, music videos and documentaries. In 2014, she was production manager for the eleventh season of “Gulder Ultimate Search”, which is Nigeria’s biggest reality show. At Zamaradi Productions, she has overseen the production of “Nyumba Ten”, “Bypass Resort” and “Borderline” TV Shows [2014/15]

Joseph Kioni

Art Director

Joseph Kioni has over 30 years of experience as art director and head of construction. In his long and distinguished career, he has worked in sets construction of huge film and TV projects such as ‘Out of Africa’ [1984/85], ‘Blessed are They’ [2006], ‘Heart of Fire’ [2007], ‘Zain Africa Challenge’ [2010], ‘Siri’ Season III-IV [2010], ‘Changes’ Season III [2011] and ‘Kona’ [250-episode Telenovela, 2012/13]. Under Zamaradi Productions Limited, he has worked on various projects that include AMOF I and II [71 Feature Films, 2013/14], Sunrise TV Series [13-Episodes, 2014], Trade Centre TV Series [13-episodes, 2015], Nyumba Ten TV Series [26-episodes, 2015], Bypass Hotel TV Series [26-episodes, 2015], Fihi TV Series [26-episodes, 2015] and Borderline TV Series [26-episodes, 2015].

Brian Wendo

Web administrator

Brian Wendo is a Web Developer and Content Developer with over 9 years experience in banking, research, academic & article writing, social media management, and filmmaking. He was part of the production team that produced the African Magic Original Films in 2014. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Kenyatta University.