Dreamchild Film


Kevin is budding teenager whose life radiate brilliance and promise. He’s one of those rare endearing straight-forward kids who score highly in and out of school. But everything changes when he discovers a horrid secret that threatens to redefine everything in life as he knows it. Armed with only what society has given him – largely a moral illusion – Kevin tries to solve things by himself. It proves a daunting task. He finds himself trapped between a cruel society and a seemingly kind but dark world. Everything is not how he was taught yet he must succeed. The dragon he must slay has many faces, some of which are dear to him. With no one to talk to, will Kevin go back to being the DREAM CHILD.

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  • Genre: Crime Drama (2017)
  • Produced: 1 Hour Film
  • Platform: Cinemas
  • Available for Resale: August 2017

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