Keru TV Show


“K.E.R.U.” is an acronym for: Kenya Emergency Response Unit. KERU series is Kenya’s first counter-terror action drama premised on the current challenges facing the country from extremist and radical application of religious ideology - key ingredients for terrorism. Story plots are based an inter-agency security team fighting against the ills of radicalization, terror and other related vices that aid the propagation of harm and hate. KERU is a recourse unit to all other security forces within and without the borders of the country working hard day and night to ensure peace and freedom prevail.

TV Schedules

  • Genre: Action Drama ( Edutainment 2016)
  • Produced: Season 1(13 Eps, 26 mins each)
  • Platform:Airs on K24 (Mondays 8:30PM)
  • Available for Resale: Not available

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